12 Stereotypes that Exist for a Reason

Wikipedia-Education-for-DeathEverybody’s talking about “racists,” but no one agrees on the word’s definition. Do racists hate other races? Do they fear them? Is it racist to make fun of other races? To cynically pander to them?

The meaning is elusive because racism exists on a spectrum. Look carefully, though, and you’ll start to notice certain patterns.

Here are twelve handy peel-and-paste labels you can stick on any racists you come across:


Hates for the sake of hating.

The Hater Racist seethes with misanthropic disgust for all that is not him. You’ll find this Id-driven bigot spitting venom at your local bar or gleefully trolling the comments section.

Nasty, dehumanizing slurs roll off his forked tongue for the sadistic pleasure of offending sensitive people. He gets off on triggering your revulsion reflex. It’s about control. His reptilian mind constructs a subhuman parade of “bamboo-chewing sleepwalkers,” “needle-dicked bird turds,” or “melon-eating mooncrickets.” He’d blow Hitler’s corpse just to see you squirm.

The Hater Racist doesn’t need a reason to hate—he just needs a target. If he somehow exterminated every ethnic group he detested, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself…

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