Heroin Addicts: Powerless to a Flower

Poppy-flowerAn old drinking buddy of mine overdosed on heroin recently. He moved out to the Pacific Northwest to skate or die, and wound up doing both, joining a hundred other Americans who go out that way every day. I hadn’t seen or thought about him in years, but by coincidence, I was in town when he passed. A mutual friend told me there would be a memorial at a local skate park. I stopped by to pay my respects.

I found a bundle of droopy balloons hovering over beer can tabs, a condom wrapper, and a melted candle. Mourners had written dedications all over the squeaky balloon skins. One was signed in Runes. It read (with no corrections):

They will except
you in the Hall of Valla
you died during battle
I shal try to avenge you!


I can only assume that by “Hall of Valla,” this grammatically challenged Viking meant Valhalla: the otherworldly Nordic kingdom reserved for warriors who die fighting. As my sadness subsided, the irony hit me like a dwarf wielding a war-hammer. No misspelled romanticism could change the fact that the deceased—like so many other people in my life—had died on the battlefield of the soul, where he surrendered to his own weakness…

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