No Room on the Ark

Noah_Russel_CroweDarren Aronofsky’s Noah accomplishes what any great myth should: it communicates moral truths through a fantasy. Mankind has destroyed the Creator’s creation, and so Man must be destroyed. Women and children will not be spared. Every person must die except Noah and his family—and who knows? Maybe they’ll die, too. Whatever the cost, the rest of Earth’s fragile life-forms must be preserved: “The time for mercy has passed.”

Noah touches on issues that make most people sputter and squirm: the crisis of overpopulation, desacralization, mindless consumption, and impending extinction, which here leads to the unseemly solutions of genocide, infanticide, and in the end, traditional patriarchal values. The men are commanding, the women make babies, and good children shut up and do what they’re told.

But that’s not what people are freaking out about.

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