On the Importance of Print Culture

[Originally published in The Nashville Free Press, 2009 – a few months before it folded. It also became my first “blog” post.]

Newspaper_one,_Basement_StoreroomThe digital hype-machine claims that print culture is dying.  News sites chronicle the death of newspapers.   Magazines are folding, and book sales plummet by the day.  I watch in horror as Web-based media proliferates like a swarm of brain-sucking Roombas.

Let’s hope this is just a phase.  There are numerous benefits to print-based media that digital media can never replace.

Physical print lends itself to a type of mental self-discipline that web-culture threatens to erode.  Books require—and therefore create a proclivity for—sustained attention.   There is no Instant Messenger in a book.  There are no hyperlinks, no media players, no video games in the next window…

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