Three Sermons from the Saints of Psychosis


If Paul Harvey were the Devil, he’d sound like Dr. Bronner and Francis E. Dec reading soap bottles to each other in a steaming shower. He’d convince you that hate is in the water we drink and fear in the air that we breathe. He’d have you clawing your eyes out to escape the myth machine. He’d drive you out of your goddamn mind like it was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Back in the revolutionary 60s, while Harvey urged America to go back to black-and-white dreams, Bronner and Dec shook themselves awake and turned on to space cadet gnosis. Their sermons, recorded and preserved on the sacred web, will scrub your filthy mind with altruistic universalism and then shove your squeaky clean soul into the prison cell of bitter ego.

In this era of pure lunacy, let us return to our psychotic prophets.

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