12 Dystopias to Brighten Your Day

Everyone believes the world’s going to hell, but some dystopian soliloquies are better than others. The greatest doomsayers either make you want to immanentize the Eschaton or sit back and watch the world burn to a cinder.

As time marches on, it appears that the Last Days are never-ending. Great! Let’s indulge our nightmares, and hope they go on forever.

1. Rant in E-Minor, “The Elite,” 1997 – Bill Hicks explains how incoming presidents are briefed.

2. Network, 1976 – Howard Beale is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore.

3. “My Dinner With Andre,” 1981 – On our transformation into NWO robo-droids.

4. “Dragnet,” 1967 – Joe Friday tells hippies to check their privilege.

5. How to Operate Your Brain, 1993 – Timothy Leary immanentizes the Eschaton.
(full film here)

6. Repo Man, 1984 – Miller tunes in to the “lattice of coincidence” that overlays the weirdness of our lives.

7. “State of the Black Union,” 2008 – Dick Gregory spills the beans on manganese and violence.

8. Nineteen Eighty-Four, 1984 – Two Minutes Hate.

9. “There’s Only One Year Left,” 1998 – Busta Rhymes taps the premillennial market.

10. The Matrix, 1999 – Agent Smith diagnoses a raging case of Homo sapiens.

11. V for Vendetta, 2006 – The anonymous revolutionary says “Not my chancellor.”

12. “Masters of the Universe,” 1987 – Skeletor makes the Universe great again.