Dreams of a Czech Sexbot

Prague is the perfect romantic getaway. You just have to keep your paranoid imagination under control. My sweet lover and I drank wine on the river, mused in the museums, and explored the natural world on foreign beds. We led each other through the city’s streets, admiring its ancient beauty: the palace on the hill, St. Vitus Cathedral, the basilica at Vyšehrad, the green idol of St. John of Nepomuk who watches over the Charles Bridge, eavesdropping on lovers’ secrets.

Day by day, the depths of Czech history were uncovered like the nested shells of a matryoshka doll, each more enchanting than the last. Over the centuries, we see a progression from the goddess Marzanna to Mother Mary to the Plastic People of the Universe. At the end of the story, hiding within the Russian doll’s radioactive core, we find a nightmarish golem with latex genitals and an apple in its mouth.

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